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The world seemed so much smaller before that day. That day that shook the
globe, shattering the definition of what one considers "human". They came
from the shadows, unveiling the truth in front of the world. Supernaturals,
with their claws and fangs, their wings and horns, made it clear
that they would no longer be ignored.

Why? Why break their silence now? Rights, not human rights but supernatural
rights. Supernaturals are being hunted down, they are being killed simply for
the reason that they are different from humans. Fear is a powerful
motivator and humans are rather notorious for seeking to
destroy anything that is different from themselves.

Boxes make the world more comfortable, right? What would you do if you
didn't fit in the box? If your basic rights were still up for debate? What would
you be willing to give? More importantly, what would you be willing to
do for them? Would you kill? Would you sacrifice your own life?

Or maybe you are one of those that want that comfortable box back. Just
how many people are you willing to cast out in order to make your
own world neat and organized once more?

What will you fight for?